Teenage Dreams Font

Teenage Dreams Font by Indieground This handwritten font is ideal for bringing back 90s nostalgic atmospheres. With its indie nature, this grungy font will add a touch of spontaneity and style to any creative project. This font recreates the atmospheres of our teenage years in the 90s, when we listened to Smashing Pumpkins, wore Chucks, and went to indie gigs. We love thinking about that time of wonder, discovery and imagination, and Teenage Dreams is perfect for bringing them back into our creative projects. Achieve a realistic handwritten effect by mixing the 4 different versions in titles and covers, instantly creating typographic artwork with an alternative, intimate attitude. On top of that, we also added a 5th bonus version of this dreamy font, with scribbles and drawings you can add to your compositions. This way, you will get a grungy scrapbook effect while adding intensity and style to any project. It is awesome when used on dark, noisy backgrounds, or used on top of images and photographs!


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