Rolide Font

Introducing Rolide – Expanded Sans Serif


Elegant Serif Font Bundle



Contemporary Charm

Rolide – Expanded Sans Serif presents a unique blend of contemporary charm with its wide and boxy shape.

Versatile Design Solution

This font is your versatile design solution, ideal for titles and body text. Its non-bold style strikes a harmonious balance between subtlety and impact.

Wide & Expanded

Rolide’s wide and expanded characters add a touch of modernity to your projects. They stand out without overwhelming the content.

Perfect for Titles and Body Text

Whether for titles or body text, Rolide is the perfect choice. It maintains clarity and readability, making your content engaging.

Elegance in Simplicity

In the world of fonts, Rolide embodies elegance through simplicity. Its clean lines and non-bold form offer a contemporary feel.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Rolide – Expanded Sans Serif is the font that marries wide, expanded, and non-bold characters to create a contemporary and versatile design solution. It ensures your titles and body text are engaging, clear, and subtly impactful, appealing to a broad range of readers.