Lumend Rounded Font

Lumend Rounded: Soft and Approachable Sans Serif


The Lovely Script Font Bundle



Gentle Curves, Low Contrast
Lumend Rounded features rounded stem terminals and a low-contrast sans serif design, exuding a soft and approachable aesthetic.

Contemporary Appeal
With its rounded edges and subtle contrast, This font offers a modern twist on classic sans serif typography, appealing to contemporary design sensibilities.

Versatile and Friendly
Ideal for a wide range of applications, This font low-contrast and rounded terminals lend a friendly and versatile vibe to branding, editorial, and digital projects.

Effortlessly Legible
Despite its rounded features, This font maintains excellent legibility, ensuring clear communication across various mediums and contexts.

Soft, Modern, and Versatile
This font presents a harmonious blend of softness and modernity. Its rounded terminals and low-contrast design make it an excellent choice for projects requiring a friendly and approachable sans serif typeface, without sacrificing readability or versatility.