Capires 3D Font

Capires 3D: Art Nouveau Resurrected


The Hand Drawn Font Bundle



Elegant Curves, Modern Edge
Capires 3D, a display font, is a mesmerizing ode to Art Nouveau, seamlessly blending its meandering shapes with a modern 3D twist.

Sculpting Timeless Elegance
Each character in Capires 3D is a work of art. Inspired by Art Nouveau, the font showcases flowing lines and intricate details, capturing the essence of timeless elegance.

Elevated Aesthetics in 3D
Capires 3D doesn’t just stop at elegance; it introduces a new dimension. The 3D effect adds depth, bringing the Art Nouveau-inspired curves to life in a way that’s both enchanting and contemporary.

Versatility Across Designs
While rooted in tradition, Capires 3D is versatile. It gracefully adapts to various design needs, from vintage-themed projects to modern layouts seeking a touch of Art Nouveau allure.

In conclusion, Capires 3D is not just a font; it’s a journey through time, combining the allure of Art Nouveau with the sophistication of contemporary design. Let your projects dance with the elegance of Capires 3D’s curves.