Calpina Unfocus Font

Calpina Unfocus: Bold and Boxy Display Font


The Display Font Bundle



High Contrast Design
Calpina Unfocus features a high contrast design with boxy shapes, creating a striking visual impact. The sharp angles and clean lines give it a modern and bold appearance.

Unfocus Effect
Adding to its uniqueness, the font incorporates an unfocus effect, lending it a distinct and unconventional look. This effect adds depth and dimension to the characters, making them stand out even more.

Perfect for Display Use
With its bold design and unfocus effect, This font is perfectly suited for display purposes. It grabs attention and demands to be noticed, making it ideal for headlines, banners, and other prominent text elements.

Versatile Application
Despite its unconventional appearance, This font is surprisingly versatile. It can be used in a variety of design projects, from branding and advertising to posters and signage, adding a touch of contemporary flair to any composition.

Boldness Redefined
This font is a bold and boxy display font that combines high contrast design with an unfocus effect for a truly unique look. Its versatility and striking appearance make it a standout choice for designers looking to make a statement in their projects.